Sr. Battery Material Scientist


San Jose, CA, USA

Full time

$95-150k (annually)

Trucks VC portfolio


Aug 9

Want to do real research and not just be a cog in a big machine? Join ionobell, a well-funded early-stage startup partnering with over a dozen major automotive and electronics companies developing the next generation of high energy density batteries.

Play an active part in the development as you help us optimize battery design performance using our brand new lab in San Jose. We are looking for people who learn fast, adapt, and quickly find technical challenges.

What we are looking for:

  • Practical experience. If we let you loose in the lab could you build a silicon battery?
  • Strong scientific background in electrochemistry, materials, polymers, and cell design. If we want a high silicon anode design, would you know what to do?
  • Work without bureaucracy. Really. You will be given objectives and left to achieve your goal. If you are looking for lots of management and direction, apply elsewhere.
  • Be responsible for results, not effort. We focus on results, not effort. So management check-ins, status reports, and planning meetings are rare.
  • And various things we have thought about yet.
  • Be safe above all else, but be able to get the lab work done.
  • Diversity-minded.

Your Objective:

Your objective is to develop silicon materials, silicon anodes, binders, coatings, and electrolytes to hit battery performance goals.


  • You should have a deep understanding of silicon anodes and their challenges.
  • Silicon polymer binder and coating experience a must.
  • You will need a PhD with industry experience or postdoctoral studies or equivalent.
  • National Labs experience is a plus.
  • The qualifications are flexible if you can show the ability to complete the job.

Growth Opportunity:

As we continue to grow, there will be significant opportunities to grow both toward management or research.


Generous stock options and enough pay to live in the bay area, and even drive an EV.

About Us:

Ionobell is a well-funded battery startup with over a dozen current automotive, electronics, and battery production partners. We are a licensing-only company. Since we only license and don’t produce, our R&D team is the core of the company’s value. We have a brand new battery lab in San Jose. Our culture is objective-driven, so if you hit your objectives, you will be given resources, flexibility, and trust. Our technology enables smaller, lighter, longer-lasting electronic devices, and we are in a position to drive the cost of electric vehicles down dramatically. Our founding team has invested, founded, and exited multiple companies with six engineering degrees from Stanford and similar institutions. Join today and be part of the early development team.

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