About Me

Hello, I'm Reilly Brennan and I've spent my entire working life in automobiles and transportation. As a co-founder of Trucks Venture Capital I've funded over 50 companies in the fields of autonomous vehicles, transportation, logistics, insuretech, auto retail and mobility. Our fund backed companies like Joby Aviation, Roadster, Bear Flag Robotics, AEye and Nauto. I also write the weekly transportation newsletter, FoT, which you should sign up for if you are in the mobility world.

The problem

Do you know the biggest problem our founders have?


(even more than financing)

The reality is that finding candidates for jobs in categories like autonomous vehicles, robotics and transportation is hotly contested. The generalist job boards like Indeed just weren't good enough.

What I did about it

After looking (unsuccessfully) for something like this for my own needs, I realized I needed to build it myself. My goal is that founders can find great talent and great talent can find great opportunities.

There’s also a section where you can view only jobs within the Trucks portfolio, found here.

I hope you get some use out of this site and if you are a founder starting a company, you can always drop me a note (RPB at trucks.vc) and I'll give you a special coupon code.


Reilly Brennan