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A Day in the Life: Joel Benscoter of AEye

Hi! My name is Joel Benscoter and I am Head of Strategic Initiatives at AEye, Inc. What that means is, I work with AEye’s customers on high-priority projects, manage customer proposals and feedback, drive engineering priorities, and deliver on special requests, such as unique data capture scenarios showing “the art of the possible”. I spent the day today developing a custom scan pattern for the AEye Shadow Van, analyzing a customer proposal, and signing my 37th patent at AEye. Come along with me for the ride!

I start the day working from home, where I enjoy a hot cup of coffee from my AEye thermos while checking my emails and sitting in on a few calls over Zoom. 

After my calls have ended, I spend the rest of the morning analyzing a customer proposal. It's really coming together!

Once I finish working on the customer proposal, it's time to head to the AEye office in sunny Dublin, California. You've got to love California winter! 

Before I go inside, I stop to check out one of the AEye Bolts, which is used for live and virtual demonstrations, as well as data capture around the Bay Area. This Bolt is using the EV charger in the parking lot and just came back from a battery swap, so I inspect it to make sure everything is in working order. 

Next, I get a drink from the fridge in the AEye cafeteria. I think today I'll have coconut water! 

Today is a very special day for me at AEye because I am signing my 37th patent with the company! 

To celebrate, I grab an individually prepared Team Lunch from the AEye cafeteria. Today, we are celebrating the Lunar New Year! 

After lunch, I head to my desk to go over customer feedback and work on more proposals. Check out my sit-stand desk and balance board! 

To end the day, I head outside to test a custom scan pattern that I developed for future demonstrations using the AEye Shadow Van. That's Tome, an AEye Field Application Engineer, positioning AEye's 4Sight LiDAR sensor on top of the vehicle - Hi Tome!


Thank you for spending the day with me at AEye! If you enjoyed learning about what I do, consider becoming a leader in building a safer future by joining our team! AEye has a number of open positions available, from Field Application Engineer (like my friend Tome), to LiDAR Systems Engineer, and Director of Business Development for Aerospace and Defense. To view all of AEye’s open positions, click here.

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